Windy Phan’s 5 Tips for Styling a Minimalist Bedroom

Styling Tips for a Minimalist Bedroom by Windy Phan


Last month we had Windy Phan, visual merchandiser, interior designer and stylist spend the morning in our Northcote studio. Windy and her photographer Alexandra Paffenholz crafted a series of minimalist spaces featuring our modern furniture softened by a myriad of linens, indoor plants, handmade ceramics and understated décor pieces.


Windy has completed certification at Abbotsford’s eminent Design School under the skilful watch of Jenna Densten of Bicker Design, and is now independently freelancing across Melbourne. Her refined minimalistic aesthetic worked seamlessly with our Australian-designed, Japandi-inspired modern bedroom furniture - especially our Shibui collection.


With an eye for cultivating simple but welcoming spaces, we ask Windy her 5 styling tips to achieve an intimate, lived-in, and yet minimalist bedroom space…


Windy Phan’s 5 tips for styling a minimalist bedroom


1 Neutral colours

I always use natural tones as my base and build them up with statement colours. These tend to be earthy tones such as greens, tan and the occasional blue. These colours can be applied to soft furnishings. There is just something about using muted tones that gives the feeling of calm to the whole space. 


2 Balance

To achieve a minimalist and simple space, it’s important to balance out the different elements you use. For example, this bedroom shoot used four standard pillows and one cushion to break up the standards. This also added contrast between pillow sizes and the grey tones, maintaining minimal styling but also adding visual interest.


 Styling Tips for a Minimalist Bedroom by Windy Phan

Windy uses neutral colours and restrained use of styling elements to balance our modern bedroom furniture. Featured above: Flat Out Queen Bed and Shibui Small.


3 Indoor plants

You can never go wrong with greenery. They are the easiest things to add to a space for a warm and welcoming feeling. There is just something about greenery that adds life to the styling and softens the entirety of the space.


4 Practicality

Keeping it practical is something that I always keep in mind when styling. I would never add an item into a space that didn’t make sense. I style as if I were in my own home, considering how I would use each element. For example, I never add more than three cushions to a bed because, in reality, I would never do so. If I did they would end up on the floor at night and I would never be bothered to add them back on in the morning.


Same goes to styling any other space - choosing practical pieces helps me achieve the simple aesthetic that has become part of my signature style. Styling for shoots aside, a less-is-more and pragmatic approach is important when designing your own bedroom. Embellish your space with thoughtful pieces for use, not just appearance.


 Styling Tips for a Minimalist Bedroom by Windy Phan

Windy suggests that a quality hero piece should be central to the space, supported by indoor plants or textural linens. Featured above: Flor Planter, Shibui Mid shelf, Tavolone Dining Table, Panca Corta Bench Seat.

5 Hero pieces

Investing in key pieces will help achieve this look and feel. If you have a meaningful hero piece that is beautiful in look and feel it will be easy to keep the styling simple as all elements become complimentary to this piece. For a minimalist bedroom, I like to use quality linen as it’s a beautiful fabric on its own and works best when it hasn’t been over styled. The textural composition helps to create that relaxed, calming feel.


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