Flexibility: How to have Custom Furniture without the Cabinet Maker

We know what it’s like to live in transitionary states. It seems our whole life is in a state of flux. From days shifting from rental-to-rental, to life with growing children, and of course the well-earned years as an empty nester - our needs within the home are ever changing.

Modern Storage Furniture Melbourne Modern Storage Furniture Melbourne

We all have unique requirements and more often than not, stock-standard furniture pieces available on the market simply aren’t appropriate. As such, many consider custom furniture and cabinet makers to craft their ideas into something tangible. Liberating be that as it may, this option usually carries greater permanence and cost than the off-the-shelf options.

We wholly embrace longevity in design and quality craftsmanship, but we also understand the restrictions of permanence when life is changing (and boy it’s moving fast).

A standard kids bunk bed may become obsolete when transitioning children into separate rooms; bespoke cabinetry cannot move with you to the new house; and say goodbye to the beautiful cot when your toddler grows in the blink of an eye.

At Plyroom we design for life, and to us, life needs flexibility. 

Modern bedroom storage cabinetry 

We have a number of versatile, minimalist furniture pieces designed for multiple purposes and ease of movability.

Cabine is a storage solution for those requiring a beautiful bespoke cabinetry look combined with flexibility. Its minimalist design is adaptable into any space. With removable legs, cable holes and fixtures for mounting, this piece is just as appropriate in the bedroom as it is the living room or kitchen (or why not try it in each room over time?). 

Modern Storage Furniture Melbourne

Our Shibui Shelves, also designed and Melbourne, are also an example of minimalist furniture which provide a flexible alternative to permanent cabinetry. Visually light and taking a leaf from Japanese design sensibilities, the Shibui serves as modern bedroom storage, a room divider, living room cabinetry and office shelving.

Modern Storage Furniture Melbourne

Discover the complete storage collection here.

Designer kids furniture 

All of our modern kids furniture has been designed with ‘future-proofing’ in mind.

Be it the Ava Lifestages Cot which transitions from an essential nursery piece to a minimalist desk; the Dream Cloud Loft Bed which can be used as a kids bunk bed when paired with the Singolo Single Bed, or a place for play or study; and any of our designer kids beds with storage – each of our pieces are designed to stand the test of time through their timeless minimalist design, exemplar craftsmanship and sustainability accreditation and innate multifunctionality.

Kids Furniture Melbourne Kids Furniture Melbourne

Explore all of our kids furniture here.

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