Marie Kondo Inspired Spring Cleaning with our Modern Storage Pieces

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With signs of spring abound in Melbourne (cool climate wisteria and freesia-lined footpaths never will never cease to delight this Brisbane girl), we’re taking time to ‘spring clean’ both in the literal and metaphorical sense.

Inspired by Marie Kondo, author of ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing’ and god amongst us organisation-enthusiasts, we’re exploring practical approaches to cleansing and resetting the physical space and mind to embark on the new season.

Spring cleaning the physical space


Kondo’s process for cleaning involves gathering all of one’s belonging (one category at a time, e.g. clothing or ceramics), and then keeping only those that ‘spark joy’. The items that are kept are now to live in a designated space in the home (and not stray – albeit difficult!).

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Whilst we certainly believe in the head-space altering powers of a good tidy-up, we’re also mindful of the considerable burden that our excessive consumption has on the environment. If disposing of any items, be sure to pass these pre-loved pieces onto a new home for they may bring another life-time of joy to someone else. Where items are too worn, dispose of these responsibly.

Live with less

Another virtue of such a process is the realisation that we simply don’t need that much to live. In a world consoled by consumption, we often lose sight of the essentials. We encourage making considered and high-quality purchases. Compromising on something less durable or purposely designed for future obsolescence inevitably means more money and waste in the future.

Invest in considered, modern storage pieces

Need a home for your items that ‘spark joy’? We have a thoughtful range of sustainably-made modern storage pieces that are designed to grow and stand the test of time with your family. Melbourne and Italy, each piece within our designer storage collection is timelessly designed and carefully considered to foster a simpler way of life.

Modern Storage Furniture by Plyroom made in Melbourne Modern Storage Furniture by Plyroom made in Melbourne
Our Big Nest Storage Cabinet and Hang on Piccolo Coat Rack 

Spring cleaning the mind


Marie Kondo highlights the impact a clean space has on one’s mental state and approach to life. We can also take conscious steps to cultivate clarity in the mind as we progress into the busier end of the year.

Take note

In our experience and according to our research, writing things down is a powerful practice to clear the mind. Be it a journal or list, writing can be a cathartic exercise whilst simultaneously reducing your mental load. Spring is also an opportune time to revisit your goals, for even the most motivated of us will experience a lull in winter. Spend some time to articulate your goals and identify your ‘why’ before setting intentions for the coming months.

Spend time outside

Simple. With lighter mornings and longer afternoons there’s no excuse not to spend some time each day in the fresh air amongst all of those beautiful spring blossoms.


Regular meditation, although admittedly hard to commit to, is proven to control anxiety, promote emotional health, enhance self-awareness, lengthen attention span and reduce some-age related memory loss (talk about clarity). For those of us new to the practice, there’s a myriad of apps available to guide you through the process.


Modern Storage Furniture Melbourne Modern Storage Furniture Melbourne
Our new Cabine storage cabinet and Peggy Peg Board
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