10 Tips to Achieve Scandinavian Interior Design

Minimalist Furniture Design Melbourne
Nolla Cabin by Robin Falck is typically Scandinavian with its use of plywood, natural light and minimalist design.

The word Scandinavia emerged in the early 20th century and is a design movement characterised by minimalism, simplicity and functionality. The term refers to Norway, Sweden and Denmark, three northern European countries known for their warm functionality, natural lighting and clean lines. Scandi design (also known as Nordic) features pure earthy tones, raw materials and minimalist furniture design. Think white walls, wood flooring and modern furniture.

Now, this minimalistic design aesthetic has become such a coveted and highly sought after look. It’s the perfect style to turn your home into a light-filled, welcoming space that provides beauty and balance to your life.

Scandinavian sensibilities are fundamentally about minimalism. Getting rid of anything you don’t need or that isn’t practical and only surrounding yourself with things that bring you happiness and that have purpose.

Here are 10 essentials ways to embrace your inner Scandi and the nordic aesthetic within the home 


1. Neutral Colour Palette

A light colour palette with cozy accents is key for this interior design style. All-white walls are a universal feature of a Scandinavian home. They provide a great canvas to add a wall collage, open shelving or a statement wall. It also brightens up your home allowing all of the natural light to shine inside your home. The main colours you’ll want to incorporate are white, beige, pale pastels, and light grey.

Choose one or two main focal colours and then leave the rest monochromatic. Your home should revolve around clean lines and quality designs that provide a crisp and curated look.

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Neutral and muted colour palettes compliment the blonde pressed birch and Tasmanian oak of our Shibui collection.

2. Natural Materials

Raw materials such as wood, cotton, linen and stone all add an extra layer of comfort and warmth into your home which is why it’s popular with Scandinavian design. It’s a wonderful way to really bring nature indoors. It can be as simple as choosing wood countertops instead of granite. Mix organic materials together like cottons, linen, plywood, indoor plants and so forth to really make the most of your natural design elements.

minimalist furniture scandinavian Plyroom
Linens, indoor plants and natural wood are used in this minimalist bedroom styled by Windy Phan. 

3. Statement Lighting

To achieve a warm and minimalistic style home you should opt for lots of variations of lighting fixtures throughout your home. The lights should create a mood that’s calm and warm. Also, utilise floor and table lights and don’t forget about using candles for lighting.

The Nordic countries love candles since they create a warm, flickering light which brings peace and comfort to virtually any space. When the lighting in your home gives off a cozy glow, you’ll actually notice that you feel less stressed and have a greater sense of calm.

minimalist furniture scandinavian Plyroom
Our friends at Coco Flip Design Studio product beautifully warm, modern lighting solutions. 

4. Light Wood Flooring

Most European homes don’t have carpeting. Instead, they have hardwood floors, preferably with light wood. This flooring gives the home an open and inviting vibe. In addition, it draws more attention to the design and architecture of the home. We especially love the old wooden floors in Victorian terraces. Wooden flooring perfectly compliments the blonde wood used in minimalist furniture or Scandi kids bedroom furniture

Bruny Island Hideaway Maguire Divine
Bruny Island Hideaway by Maguire and Divine is awash with wooden floors and walls.  

5. Form & Functionality

The key here is balance! Sourcing versatile pieces that do more than one thing is very important. For example - modern beds with storage, cabinetry that works in any room or storage vessels that double planters. 
From the hardware to your furniture and lighting, every detail matters and should be curated as such.

minimalist furniture storage scandinavian Plyroom
Discover simple, multifunctional storage solutions here

6. Layers of Texture

Don’t be afraid to play with textures. Mix and match various materials, from light linens to a textural wool throw draped over the sofa. Rugs are also an opportunity to layer and add texture in the space. In the bedroom, have a blend of linen sheets with wool blankets for your bedding in muted tones.

minimalist furniture scandinavian Plyroom Cultiver Linen
Our Oh Side Table, Flat Out Queen Bed paired with Cultiver Linen. 

7. Simple aesthetic

Keep your homewares and accessories to a minimum. Decorative elements are simple in style. Throw pillows are great for adding a hint of colour. Artwork and prints in muted palettes also to gives your space some visual interest. When decorating your home, stay within the whites, blacks and neutral palettes and when in doubt, less is more. Remember, it is perfectly fine to leave a wall completely bare.

minimalist furniture scandinavian Plyroom.jpg
A minimal white wall adorned with Hang on Piccolo Coat Rack

8. Minimalist furniture design 

When choosing the appropriate furniture to have in your home, look for quality craftsmanship, durability, longevity and functionality. The centre of nearly every Nordic home includes a classic wood-burning fireplace for both visual appeal and warmth. One of the most important rooms in the house, the bedroom, should be especially simple, filled only with a modern bed and a few pieces of carefully selected minimalist furniture pieces. Consider the orientation of the space and p
lace your furniture appropriately to obtain the most natural light.

minimalist furniture scandinavian Plyroom
A modern bedroom styled by Bec Simon. 

9. Organised Storage

With minimal furniture and a small space, you’ll need to consider smart storage. Multifunctional items are minimalist must-haves so a coffee table with storage underneath is ideal for your living room. Modern bedroom furniture with integrated storage is also essential - consider with beds with storage, loft beds, shelving room dividers. The point here is to have a considered and clutter free space where everything has its own place.

Minimalist Furniture Design Melbourne
Explore our complete range of modern storage here

10. Incorporate Greenery

There’s nothing like complimenting your bright, airy and natural space with indoor plants. Amongst the wooden accents, textures and natural lighting your plants will feel right at home. Plants help to balance out the space in your rooms and provide fresh air. Having plants in your home is aesthetically pleasing but is also proven to improve your health and make you feel more relaxed.

Indoor Plants minimalist furniture scandinavian Plyroom

Why a Scandinavian Home?

Basically, it's all about minimalism. There’s just something about having a light-filled, white, clutter free home with simple furniture that makes you feel at peace.

The less things you have in your home, the more you can appreciate the items you do own and treasure. Since we live in a fast paced and hectic world, we should always cultivate our homes as a space for retreat for comfort, warmth and happiness.

This article was submitted by our friend Julia of Housetipster.com.

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